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  • Say no to restricting Internet by using open API

    At the dawn of the Internet it was promised that all of the world’s information would be available to everyone but, as we all know, a couple of decades later that promise wasn’t achieved. And as years pass, that achievement is farther and farther away for Internet users. One of the facts about today’s Internet […] read more

  • Google – In the hell of keywords

    Since the dawn of the internet, engineers have been trying to bridge the gap between the information and users that are looking for that information. Most efforts are  expended on search engines. The biggest advocate for that is, of course, Google. But, is their practice beneficial for their users? One of the things that I’ve […] read more

  • You want proper and direct answers, but …

    Suppose you want to find an answer to your question, and of course, what you will do – you will ask Google first. Some estimates show that over 2/3 of users use Google to ask a question expecting a direct answer, while 1/3 expect a hyperlink to the page where the answer is likely to […] read more