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We are happy to introduce you the next evolution of question answering with Smart Answer. One answer to rule them all. You can always try it on our site.

Multi answers problem

In many searches, including our system, on one question there are more answers returned, which can be overwhelming. How do you know what answer is the correct one, or if all answers are correct? What if the context of your question matters, so some answers give you information and others don’t. One answer could be correct, but isn’t sufficient and the full answer is a combination of multiple answers.

Even worse, what if the system, instead of answers, returns links? What then? What link to click on, and what information is relevant to your question? And if you use any internet, you know that, nowadays, most sites are filled with ads and some sites are only ads. How do you know what is an ad and what is a information.

Google result

What you need is the one authoritative answer, with all information needed to fullfill your thirst for knowledge. During last year, there is rise of generative models, most prominently OpenAI’s ChatGPT, which try to give you that answer.

Generation without authority

The core of every popular system for generating is well known, take a bunch of text, some subset of the internet, and learn patterns of language, so that every model underneath guesses next word, if previous n words are given. So, why are there numerous generating systems if they learn on the same data. One of the differences is uncertainty in generating, you may never know what will be generated next, even if you have a good guess.

You don’t know if generated text is correct, maybe that added negation in text changes the context of the answer, rendering it unusable.

ChatGPT output

Also, what if used data for model learning is incorrect, or has some noise, model will generate incorrect information. Who will be accountable for that, the system is only generating most probable words for a given context, nothing more.

We need somehow to check generated information, some reference from which information is extracted.

Yotta Smart Answers

We are giving you the solution to those problems Smart Answer. When you ask a question on YottaAnswers, on top of usual contextual answers, there will be shown new type answer, that uses all the knowledge of our system to generate a specific answer for your question. Also, to give our answer authority, it has references to sites, from which specific information is extracted.

Yotta Smart Answer

Hope you enjoy our new product. Ask smart, and Yottaanswer will answer you smarter. Stay tuned.

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