Making LLMs generate facts

Large language models and systems are in there zenith of popularity, you can’t browse go through a day without hearing about them. But there is always one question that must be asked, How can you trust what they generate?

Well, you can not, or at least you have to check generated information. And if you have to check every bit of information, what is then the point of using LLMs?

The solution for this problem is grounding, a process where LLMs are given additional information to aid them in generating. That information can be use case specific (e.g. medicine) or very broad. Additional information enables us to identify where information comes from.

So, YottaAnswers Smart answers are one of the great examples of using grounded LLMs for giving you great answers to your questions; as we have a great base of answers with many of them having multiple sources, so you can choose what to believe.

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