Say no to restricting Internet by using open API

At the dawn of the Internet it was promised that all of the world’s information would be available to everyone but, as we all know, a couple of decades later that promise wasn’t achieved. And as years pass, that achievement is farther and farther away for Internet users.

One of the facts about today’s Internet is that it is made of bubbles, in the form of the Platforms, such as Youtube, Twitter, TikTok … And one of the main goals of these platforms is that its users stay on them for as long as possible. And so, many of the users hop between platforms and stay there. Now, there is a connection between the platforms, and the rest of the internet, but I believe that, for the user experience there must be communication between, and its utilization is few and far between. The best way to communicate is by using APIs.

At the beginning of Web 2.0, long before the bubbles, lots of the web services offered APIs and there were services that eased use of those APIs, such as Yahoo Pipes. If you ask developers, and even some non-developers from that period, they would probably tell you about cool stuff they would make using these tools. But as you open your service to everyone, you open it for some bad actors who can potentially abuse the system. After some time, a large number of APIs were purged or limited, tethering on the edge of usability or were locked behind paywalls. Nowadays, you can use such  systems only through their websites and apps, which is rather limiting.

Today’s APIs are mostly limited by data you can get from them, and their functionality is subpar. Of course, the previous sentence isn’t true for all users, but only for those who can’t afford to buy their premium packages.

We at Yotta Answers have something to say about this issue. We have developed our own API based on our website ( Through it, we provide access to our world class system. Our API can be used free of charge for non-commercial purposes. Importantly, free API places no limit on data that you can get while securing adequate accessibility. We would be delighted to learn about insightful creations of our users utilizing our Open API.

Check our API at link

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