The Intelligent Upgrade: Enhancing Smart Answers

We are happy to announce new version of Smart Answers, a version which will bring the new frontier to our system and make the user experience more interesting.

Previous version of Smart Answers, was a great success as it gave for one question one unifying answer backed up by sources for every bit of information inside the answer, which made answers credible, contrary to more popular Language model systems.

Example of comparison question

The problem with this version it doesn’t recognize what class of question is being asked and only gives general answers, which can be confusing and answer wouldn’t be on the level that we are satisfied. So we have developed Smart Answers 2.0.

Smart Answers 2.0 introduces recognition several classes of questions, and depending of the class gives appropriate answer. This gives a new level of possibilities for YottaAnswers and users can get better formatted answers.

Example of binary question

Also, from the very beginning of our YottaAnswers, certain users would ask questions that wouldn’t suit our system of factual questions, and would be getting bad answers. This version is designed to reduce those cases of poor user experience and comprehension of our system.

Example of where user tried to use our system as a conversational model

Although, this is great news, this is also just the stepping stone to many great future updates. Stayed tuned 🙂

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