Author: Milan B

  • Boost your LLM results by up to 81% using YottaAnswers Sources

    Many companies are competing in AI market, trying to make their products better then the rest of the industry. And, as almost every company works with similar bases, every result difference is imported. So YottaAnswers comes to rescue, with double digits improvements. As every company that has integrated LLMs into their products uses some combination […] read more

  • The Intelligent Upgrade: Enhancing Smart Answers

    We are happy to announce new version of Smart Answers, a version which will bring the new frontier to our system and make the user experience more interesting. Previous version of Smart Answers, was a great success as it gave for one question one unifying answer backed up by sources for every bit of information […] read more

  • Making LLMs generate facts

    Large language models and systems are in there zenith of popularity, you can’t browse go through a day without hearing about them. But there is always one question that must be asked, How can you trust what they generate? Well, you can not, or at least you have to check generated information. And if you […] read more